• Happy Cyclists
  • Yummmmm... smores!
  • A Family Renunion
  • having a wonderful Time! Wish You Were here!!!
  • A Wedding Party
Happy Cyclists1 Yummmmm... smores!2 A Family Renunion3 Having a wonderful Time! Wish You Were here!!!4 A Wedding Party5

We are 5 STAR PLUS! As ALL our guests say to us, "It doesn't get any better than this". With superb hospitality, this is Shangri-la, a complete Joy to experience.

Guest Comments:

Thank you to the two kindest people on the planet! Joyce and Terry, your kindness and willingness to share this wonderland is remarkable. We adore you?? Trip no. 5 ... our minds have found peace and sanity once again. Thank you. We are beginning to think that we really need to quit bragging you up so much... we may end up bragging ourselves out of our sanctuary. Thanks again (x a billion) for sharing.
Love you, Cathy n Todd

Wow! From the delicious cobbler upon our arrival to some time in the spa on our last night- this lovely place went beyond our wildest dreams. We had a lovely day hiking in your beautiful mountains and made time to throw the fishing line in at some spots Terry recommended. Thank you for your hospitality and your willingness to share this special place. We hope this is only our first of many visits to come.
Mike & Trisha, Salem

Coming from this area, I've always known it was God's country, but we didn't know about this little bit of heaven under the stewardship of Joyce & Terry. They have made this place a true sanctuary and we needed just that. You can see the love for the land and the care that went into this Pine Shadows Getaway!! They are both eager beavers and they made us feel welcome. We felt like we had come home!
Jim & Susan

Thank you so much for everything. The cobbler, vegetables from garden and herbs. Plus thank you for creating such a peaceful place here at Pine Shadows. We enjoyed the moments at the river for relaxation, the lovely spa, and our BBQ at the Benson Cabin. This area is just beautiful and I really hope we will be able to come back. It is a long trip from Switzerland! Thank you for such a warm welcome. We had a great stay!
Henning and Caroline, Switzerland

This was our first stay here. We enjoyed it so much. We loved the raspberry cobbler. What a beautiful piece of heaven. I am looking forward to many, many more returns. So peaceful and relaxing. Thank you Joyce & Terry
Rob & Kelly

And again we enter the enchanted land. Like a favourite fairy tale, we pick up where we left off. We find our favourite hosts, our earthy and jovial Joyce. Gracious, kind, every detail attended. Thank you for the sanctuary. Gives us strength to fight to keep the very things you so generously share and preserve: nature and humanity. All our love to you,
Derya and Eric

Once again a wonderful trip!! Three years in a row. Lovely and cool by the river and very exciting when a young coyote came up the river. Just 6 ft. from me! Thanks again for the wonderland getaway! And the huckleberry cobbler. Yum! Alan & Elizabeth
Bend, OR

It was our first time visiting Pine Shadows and is definitely won’t be our last. This place is magical. Terry and Joyce are the best hosts. Play Bocce Ball and then take a hike to Little Strawberry Lake are a must. We are going home relaxed with full belly's from Joyce’s amazing raspberry cobbler and fresh veggies from the garden. Thank you for everything and see you next year!
Randal, Kiri, and Riggins
Bend, OR

This has been the best weekend we have had in a such a long time. The cabin, the river, and the cobbler. Terry and Joyce, thank you for such a lovely time. Terry gave us several places to fish and see while we were here. Monty and I haven’t been this relaxed in years. It has been the best place to celebrate our anniversary. I’m so glad we found this little gem!!
Kathy n Monty Savell

1 year anniversary of Jon & Regina
We drove out to Pine Shadows from Portland after a working day. Arrived late at night to the most delicious raspberry cobbler ?? Each night we enjoyed star gazing and relaxing in the spa. Joyce and Terry are the kindest hosts with so much knowledge of the area- and directed us on beautiful hike to Strawberry Lake. We enjoyed their river trail and the many lovely places to sit and just enjoy Joyce’s beautiful decorations and nature. It being our 1st wedding anniversary we really appreciated enjoying the wonderful relaxing and happy grounds Joyce and Terry have created together. Thank you for joining us for dinner and for spending time telling us about your lives and listening to us too. We have enjoyed every moment here.
Talk Sa myket!! Jon and Regina

Terry and Joyce,
Thank you for sharing your forest hide out with us. The cabin is the perfect retreat and brings up too many memories of growing up and spending summers in a similar cabin but without the luxury touches. It always feels like coming home and refreshes our spirit. We look forward to our next visit!
Helen and Pat

Terry and Joyce,
A much needed reunion for a couple of old friends and you’ve made it a perfect getaway. We will never forget this trip and your hospitality. What a perfect setting for Larry and I to spend some peaceful time together. Hope to visit again soon.
Regards, Jeff and Larry

Fate smiled on us when we stumbled upon Pine Shadows. This lovely wonderland has surpassed all our expectations and delivered enchanting surprises around every corner and "nook and cranny" The attention to detail is simply amazing and made our hearts lighten up. We will be back and make this an annual pilgrimage. The cobbler was the best and our host and hostess are a ""joy"ce !! :)
Kate and Doug, WA.

Terry and Joyce,
Thank you so much for our wonderful stay. We love your garden and all the family activities. The raspberry cobbler was such a pleasant surprise after a long drive. Thank you again.
Dan, Annie, Twee, Jordan and Torrey

ALWAYS delightful, wonderful and super relaxing. Not sure what we would do without our retreat to run off to. Thank you very much (once again) for sharing your space and for your kindness. You are the top of our "Super Awesome Best People List Ever" list. We love and appreciate you both.
Cathy and Todd Apple
P.S. Always shed a tear when that last bite of cobbler is gone. Sooo Yummy!

At the intersection of pristine wilderness and thoughtful embrace, is this magical place. Beyond the 'No Trespassing" sign is a sunny welcome and where whimsy is tucked. Poetry and privacy live side by side. But there is a secret here, shall I tell you what it is? Terry is not just your jovial host with the most, nor merely wiseman of forest and trees - but a Stalwart protector of his lady love, Joyce, the Bee¶s Knees! More than meets your happy eye, she is half forest fairy, it's true. This is why they take such good care of YOU!.
Derya and Eric
Vancouver, WA

Joyce and Terry,
What an amazing time we had! It was an absolute magical weekend! And what an amazing surprise to know your father and family knew the Yokum/Pryse clan!! Thank you for providing us with such an amazing getaway for my Mom's 60th! We definitely will be back. Love the Terrywell Cabin.
MacKenzie, Fred, Cammy, Courtney, Adam and Hazel Warner

Terry and Joyce,
Thank you so much for the beautiful place to stay. Your hospitality was outstanding. We enjoyed visiting with you both of you two. We plan on coming back again, when next Hitz gets Married. May God bless you. Thoroughly enjoyed the cobbler and a very nice touch!
Craig, Shirley, Bridget, boys 'n girl

Our expectations are always pleasantly fulfilled when we come to the cabins. This is our only splurge a year and we are so grateful that Joyce & Terry are willing to share their wonderland with us. So many treasures tucked here and there, after 3 years of coming here we are still finding treasures that we missed prior. The history of this paradise continues to unfold with each visit. So relaxing, so refreshing. So very hard to leave. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for sharing! We love ya'! Think next time, need two of those amazing cobblers. 'Cobbler Gobbler" can have the first one! Always fantastic of you. Thank you!
Todd, Cathy, Atticus & Scout

Thank you so much for your hospitality, we had a wonderful time. The area is magical and the decor is perfect. We loved the delicious dessert and can't wait to visit again.
Leah and Tye

Dear Joyce and Terry,
We had a wonderful time here in your truly hospitable and inspirational Pine Shadows Paradise. We loved exploring the Strawberry Wilderness and thankfully the weather was great. It was a pleasant meeting Luke as well. We will come back again and thank you for everything!
Markets, Scott, Lilly, Milena and Nick Rogers

Terry & Joyce,
What a wonderful relaxing place to spend a long week end. The info on trails from Terry was great - we loved Strawberry Lake up to Little Strawberry. This is a great piece of Paradise! We will be back! The cobbler was so great and so thoughtful. Thank you for sharing. CAH, JH, GN Sun River, OR

Thank you so much for the yummy cobbler and all your special little touches in this Paradise.
Helen and Pat

Another wonderful escape at Pine Shadows. To rejuvenate our spirits and love for nature and history! Thank you for sharing your Paradise and family history with us! So nice to meet Luke, what a nice young man. No wonder you are so proud of him. Until next time, keep up the laughter and spreading the joy you two do so well! Take care.
Kim, Jeff & Sadie

Terry and Joyce,
Once again a perfect stay in a wonderful place. We all had a great time. We will definitely be back. I hope you truly appreciate what you have here, it is nearly as perfect as I can imagine and I have lived here most of my life!
Jim and Nancy Wood & family

What a magical spot you have here. Your badminton court is awesome. We liked the Spa! Thank you for the kind hospitality and recommendations to check out Magone Lake. We will be back. Wish we could of stayed a day longer :) and no fireworks on 4th of July - Best 4th ever!
Amy & Pobros
Portland, OR

Randy and I have both enjoyed your Paradise so much. It is truly a gem located in beautiful country. The history amongst these surrroundings is so interesting. Love the Casaday - thank you for sharing your cabins. Loved Magone Lake. Saw a small bear! Being able to kayak there was great. Loved it here! I hope our travels bring us back someday!
Jackie & Randy - Sublimity, OR

Joyce & Terry,
What a delightful place! All of your wonderful caring shows in every detail. It is truly a gift to your guests. And we couldn't have asked for nicer hosts. Our grand boys - Konner and Nolan were very impressed» Thank you again!
Dan & Noreen

This place is amazing. I'd love to be coming back soon. I loved the cobbler and all the games and the river.
Nolan & Konner

Joyce and Terry,
We have so deeply enjoyed our stay here with you! The Casaday Cabin is such a lovely and warm place. It is reflective of what we wanted in our vacation, a trip back in time, to experience the culture of the past. Our afternoons by the river were so relaxing and beautiful! Mostly our trip was made wonderful by your hospitality, great conversation and delicious cobbler. You both made this place a new home away from home!! We can't wait to come back ! Honestly, we wish we could stay here forever! Thank you both,we enjoyed every minute of it» This cabin is perfect! Never change a thing!!
With Love,
Bonnie, Cameron, Stephanie and Julian

A short stay but so good for the soul! How nice to be in touch with all the history attached to this wonderful Casaday log cabin! Take a hike to beautiful Strawberry Lake.
Lois & Gary Silverman - New York

Terry & Joyce,
The only thing better than the cabins and landscaping was your hospitality. You made our first trip with friends an outstanding one! The raspberry crisp was a real tasteful treat. We will return. You really made it a wonderful weekend!!
Judy, Rich Sage

Terry & Joyce, The cabin is fantastic and the surroundings-nature at its best. Even better was meeting you two! Thank you so much for the hospitality. We felt so welcome, starting with the homegrown peach cobbler! See you next year for eclipse!
Helen and Pete

Joyce & Terry,
You really have a fantastic place here!We really enjoyed the peaceful private "garden' you have here. There are so many interesting things tucked among the trees, you always see something new. Thank you for the apricot cobbler - it was delicious! We will definitely see you again!
Pam and Pete - Mountain Home, ID

My experience here was amazing!!! You guys have a Paradise and the cabins are sooo cute! Especially ours, the little Benson Thank you for telling us about the hikes. Everything really was amazing!

Staying here in the Little Benson has been so fun. I love the decor, the bike trails are awesome. Thank you for letting us use the fire for s'mores. So delicious. The hike you told us about was so fun.
Love, Zoe

Thank you for making our stay incredible! From the delicious cobbler waiting for us on arrival, to the nightly fires, to the badminton court, your hike recommendations - all of it was perfect! Thank you for helping us make a wonderful memorable time with our girls. We can't wait to come back!
Ellie and Beth

We return! After 2 years, such lovely memories. The stuff of Dreams. Yet we are fortunate enough to return. Time away just helps us learn. That Pine Shadows, Terry and Joyce must truly make us Rejoice. So generous to share and with incomparable care.
Huge thanks,
Derya and Eric

So glad we found this peaceful Sanctuary. We never tire of visiting this little Shangri La!
Chip & LeeAnn

Terry & Joyce,
Thank you so much for the hospitality in the Benson and Pine Shadows. The peaceful retreat is exactly what we needed and will definitely return in the future. We enjoyed our visits with you both and are grateful to have met you! Again many many thanks for everything.
Orrin & Miranda
Powell Butte, OR

What a delightful spot to celebrate our 35th anniversary! Quiet, comfy - lots to do! Bocce Ball, Badminton, Sky chairs by river, hammock, multiple places to sit and read. Thanks so much Joyce & Terry! You are gracious hosts who have created the ideal getaway! We will be back! The raspberry crisp was a yummy surprise.
Alan and Elizabeth
Bend, OR

A note of sincere appreciation for a lovely setting to celebrate our 38th anniversary. Everything was perfect! Your beautiful cabin, your creativity on property, your many thoughtful touches. We have relaxed on the front porch of the Benson spa and enjoyed the 2016 Olyympics. Yesterday we hiked up the Strawberry Wilderness and Falls. We look so forward to a return visit and will truly recommend to family and friends! Many thanks.
Patty & Mark
Baker City, OR

Joyce and Terry
Meeting you two was definitely a highlight of staying here. So glad we decided to explore Prairie City and stay at your wonderful place. Thank you for recommendations to ride to Logan Valley. We both slept hard after those hills! The cabin has everything needed, perfectly done and cozy. Thank you for sharing, we will be back as soon as we can!!
Cheryl and Kevin

Joyce and Terry,
What a wonderful experience to spend 3 nights at the Casaday Cabin. After our warm welcome from Terry and Joyce it was like stepping back in time as we settled into this historic cabin. We were so impressed by all the details and amenities so thoughtfully included throughout the cabin.
It was great to unwind, slow down, smell the pine scented air each morning and set out on our day's adventure. We returned this summer to enjoy cycling and hiking.
We are grateful for the advice received from Terry and Joyce on the hike to Strawberry Lake, Strawberry Falls, and magnificent Little Strawberry Lake. We are ready to go back for more hiking in the near future. We also enjoyed a cycling ride along road 20 out of Bates State Park. Nice straight road, saw deer and coyote :)
Again, thanks for the warm welcome, availability, engaging conversation, and hiking ideas. All that you have labored to do to make Pine Shadows a perfect place to recharge and reconnect with God's wondrous, creative handiwork.
Tim and Sabrina - Newberg, OR

All I can say is everyone needs to come and enjoy this little place in the woods. What a paradise» Thanks for sharing this place. Also thanks to my husband for bringing me here. Can't wait to come back with my kids!!! Thank you.
Edgar & Tulsa Murrillo

We had a wonderful time here at the Casaday Cabin. Outside and inside is so beautiful!!! We were able to spend a much needed quality family time together in such a warm beautiful place. Our 6 yr old daughter loved exploring outdoors in this amazing area. Loved the Chess/Checker Board by brook and the vegetable garden. We adults had a fun time playing bocce balls. I would definitely visit again in the future. Such s great experience all the way around. Thank you !!! Cobbler was delicious.
Love, Cameron, Elizabeth, Emberlyn and Lincoln

Terry & Joyce,
What a wonderful hideaway you have!! Thank you for all the hospitality. The cobbler was delicious! And I enjoyed learning how to play Bocce Ball. The Cabin is a great place in a beautiful location! Thank you!
Corey & Lisa - Fresno, CA

Well, if you made it this far, then you already discovered the absolute beauty and serenity that comes with staying at these cabins. And of course, the cobbler has most likely been devoured already which is a sad moment but do not despair!! Now is the time to REALLY LOOK CLOSELY. There are a multitude of treasures throughout this fabulous land, both inside and out! Whether it is the lovely landscape, the whimsical critters, dangly doo-dads hanging about, the smallest of details inside & out, OH!! So much to see. Keep looking and exploring throughout your stay. Guarantee you will see something new every time. This is our favorite place on the planet and the sweet folks that have chosen to share their home with us are gracious and generous beyond belief!! :)
Thank you Joyce & Terry
Cathy & Todd - Boise, ID
PS. There is a small "treasure chest" on the coffee table that is worth exploring. Enjoy!

Thank you for your hospitality. This place is amazing. I can't enjoy it since working on a helicopter to help put the fire out, but really happy I got to see this place. It is absolutely amazing. I tell you what I am for sure making a vacation out to here with my wife and two kids and get to enjoy it more. Till next time, thanks again!
Landon Richey, mechanic - Erickson Air Crane

What a glorious find. We feel so fortunate to have stayed here. We took our two girls on a 2 week road trip. And this lovely cabin was our last stop. It¶s like stepping back in time with all the modern comforts. Every nook of Pine Shadows is a treasure from the Casaday to Badminton to the swings at the river's edge. Thank you Joyce & Terry for you kind hospitality and amazing apricot cobbler. We will be back!!
Warmly, Catherine, Brian, Julia, Vivienne - Portland, OR

Terry & Joyce,
Pine Shadows was an amazing find! It is the perfect place for the four of us to getaway for a long week end. Your hospitality is wonderful and the raspberry cobbler was an added delicious bonus. We will be back. Everything we needed was right here in a little part of paradise. Thank you for everything»
Fran, Michelle, Gina, & Dana - CA Bay Area

Terry & Joyce,
We had a fantastic time. We didn't want to leave!! Enjoyed the swings, the badminton, Bocce ball court. The quiet and the gardens. What an oasis you have created. We are already planning our next visit! Thank you!
Karen Johann PDX
Doug, Oklahoma

Joyce & Terry
Our family hadn't been all together for many years. We couldn't have chosen a better location to spend these last 3 days. We were immediately impressed by the amazing facilities, the attention to detail, and your readiness to provide anything we might need. We grew more impressed throughout the week as we discovered more of the great attributes of the facility. Thank you for an awesome week. We hope to be back soon.
The Wrights - Grants Pass, OR

No words can give enough praise!
Calvin H. - Merlin, OR

Kirk and I were here for our 5th wedding anniversary. I would have to say if there is a little touch of Heaven On Earth, it would be here in this place. May God continue to bless it and all the fire fighters working so hard away from their families. From one fire fighter to another. Stay Safe both brothers and sisters. Thank you for such a wonderful relaxing stay! We will be back! The cobbler was amazing.
Kirk & Heidi - Madras, OR

Terry & Joyce
Thank you for another great stay. Everything was perfect as usual. Thank you for your getaway and all that went well for you this summer. We look forward to seeing you again!
Jeff & Kim - Ontario, OR

This is our kind of roughing it! So peaceful- no need to change a thing. Our return visit.
Barb, Bill, Winston

Thank you so much for everything! Our stay here was wonderful and as all your guests have said, "your attention to detail is amazing!' We could not have found a more beautiful place to stay or better hosts!! Thank you! Thank you! We will be back again and plan to spend more time enjoying your beautiful place! Cobbler was delish!
Donnalene, Scott, Roc, Dolores, Nikki, Julia

Planned on staying 4 nights, stayed 5 - we couldn't leave this beautiful place. Terry gave us great hiking for each day. This "resort" is so quiet, peaceful, clean, and charming. We were so lucky to have found it. Hot weather, but cabin stayed cool. Many areas to set and read and listen to the birds. Thank you so much Terry and Joyce. What a cobbler!!
Marilyn & David Dent - Portland OR

Thank you so much for a peaceful escape. Everything was perfect. We enjoyed all the attention to detail in cabin and the grounds. Joyce's yummy cobbler and Terry¶s insights on area hiking were a special bonus. Thanks again for all the special touches.
Helen & Pat

Joyce and Terry,
Fortune smiled on us when you had a space for us at the last minute! Great stay as usual. Great visit with you both. See you soon.
Storry, Jack, Sandy, Paul

Thank you a wonderful quiet stay. Cobbler couldn't have been any better!
Doug, Diane and the "girls"

Terry and Joyce,
What a great time we had here! We love the Strawberry Mtn. Wilderness with its natural beauty and profusion of wildlife. Thanks Terry for the trail advise and Joyce, for the comforts of home!
Diana & Karen Kunde - WA

We have enjoyed our time here so very much. The cabins are immaculate & beautiful. The amenities are plentiful and the grounds are breathtaking. Thank you for your attention to detail and we love the cute decor and thoughtful touches everywhere.
The Bartels

Joyce and Terry,
We just had a delightful few days in your charming cabin surrounded by your rustic beautiful grounds. Thank you so much for your hospitality and especially the cobbler. Peace and blessings.
Pat Edmundson

Dear Joyce & Terry,
What a wonderful time!! Your cabin and location are delightful and you as hosts were so gracious and friendly and welcoming. I loved it here and would return for sure. The cobbler was delicious and such a thoughtful touch. Thanks for everything! And the beds were so very comfortable!
Joni Bailey

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the wonderful peach cobbler. The cabins were awesome after long work days.
Best, Oregon National Army Guard

Joyce and Terry,
What can I say that hasn't already been said? Every path - every 'gift' along the way through the beautiful grounds is a special blessing - making me feel I've passed into a new real of peace and beauty.
The Benson is so beautifully and thoughtfully equipped - you have thought of every need - and the cobbler!!! You two are so special. Thank you for everything!! We will be back!!
Marjie - Forest Grove, OR

Mom pretty much said it all... I'm so grateful for you two, and thankful that you chose to share this magical space you have created. Next time, I'm staying longer. You two are the "best of the best" people! Happy Birthday Everybody!!!
PS: Let me know when the chess tournaments begin...!
I want to sit by the river forever-Arf! Ruby the Pug
Lorraine - Portland, OR

When we got here, we realized we'd found a place to return to. We hadn't anticipated making such friends, though, that was a blessing. Paul and I (and Taylor and Barney) are looking forward to seeing you again.
Forest green, sky black
Nearby a turkey gobbles
Fire under moon
Roxanne - Iowa

Meeting folks as kind and genuine as you helps to restore a person's faith in humanity. This is truly a special place-in large part because the people have put so much love into shaping it. Our stay here was a true blessing. The memories formed here will not fade. Thank you for everything. Rather than good bye, I prefer to say " until next time".
All the Best,
Paul - Iowa

Can't think of a better place to spend our 25th anniversary. Thank you for sharing this great place and all the history that goes along with it. You have an incredible spot here, enhanced even more with your impeccable design talent and attention to detail, it's truly been an experience! We were married on Strawberry Mtn. Summit and this area has special meaning to us, we will now include the two of you and Pine Shadows to our list in coming back too for sure.
Knowing how you feel about this place and what it represents to others after us, I can't help but think that John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt would be pleased and would want to be here as well. Keep up the great work and we hope to see you again! The sweet card and fabulous cobbler was wonderful and star gazing were the icing on the cake. Only thing, we wished we could of stayed longer! We were truly Pine Shadows mesmerized.
Jeff and Kimela Milton and Sadie

Words cannot describe how special this place is. I came here with work on my mind but left with an appreciation of how beautiful life is. It's amazing how the natural world works that way. We just need to slow down and let nature work it's magic. I am having a cup of coffee from my "special" mug down by the "cool tub" and the sights n sounds are amazing. Thank you for nurturing this special place and sharing it with others. The cabin, the grounds everything is so nice. I am looking forward to bringing my best friend of 40 years here soon. She will absolutely love it. Thanks again.
Gary Cundiff - Sisters, OR

What a beautiful piece of paradise. It was the perfect place to celebrate Gary's birthday» So nice to experience the authentic log cabin. Every detail has been captured. We look forward to a return trip! Thanks so much.
Gary, Shirleen and Kelly Cundiff

Thank you for your warm hospitality and the beautiful picture. We always find you place restful and rejuvenating after a long trip. The cobbler delightful. Hope to see you next year.
Fred & Brien

Thanks again for another fabulous stay at the Benson. We will be back next year! You are awesome!
Teri & Brady - Boise, ID

Thank you for sharing your beautiful cabins and grounds. Pride of ownership definitely shows and is so appreciated!
Barbara, Richard, Molly - Elkton, OR

Thank you! You never fail to amaze. Your place was the perfect retreat for us to relax and spend time with family. Cobbler once again amazing.
Clay, Mabel, Kaylan - Montana

Baldy Sister Security Crew
Thanks for a great stay while working on the fire.
USFS: Leo, Andy - Cordova, Alaska

Our fifth and final day at Pine Shadows. We spent our 1st anniversary here & we found much needed regeneration of our love. The mountains,the air, the rivers. The history and the beauty gave us much needed perspective on what is important life. We love it here and our dogs loved it here. Terry and Joyce are so kind. We will be back :)
J & E - OR

This is exactly what I needed. Thanks for all your care and support. Your spaces are wonderful and always bring a smile. I am so thankful that you are willing to share your little piece of heaven.
Thanks again,
Jo Fitch - La Grande, OR

Joyce, Bad news!! They got another fire in Burns and are moving the helicopter back to Burns to fly by 0800. After seeing your place here, I don't want to go! I thought I was in heaven here. Your raspberry cobbler was amazing! I am sorry I didn't get to stay.

This is the best place I have ever stay at while working on a fire. Hope to bring my wife back here.
Mark Sales
Fire Hawk Helicopters

What a privilege and delight to spend a few evenings here at the Terrywell. I didn't know the forest could be so aromatic (mock orange bushes). The cabin is so homey with lots of reminders of days gone by when we didn't have the conveniences offered here. The swings here and out by the river were so inviting. A very peaceful and restful place.
LaRue Tanner

I can't imagine a more wonderful place or a more relaxing experience. Joyce and Terry have done an amazing job creating an oasis of peaceful tranquility. The rustic setting is stunning and the modern conveniences of the cabin are wonderful. I have enjoyed walking along the river with my dog who enjoyed his dips in the river. Joyce and Terry ensured my dog was as welcome, well taken care of as I. The Terrywell Cabin is comfortable with personal touches and antiques giving it a homey feel. It was a real privilege staying at Pine Shadows :).
Alissa Tanner

Dear Joyce & Terry
We truly enjoyed our stay. You have a beautiful place. The kids loved playing badminton and croquet. They also loved the trails and the stream. Chris and I loved the quiet and the natural beauty. Thank you so much for letting us share this piece of heaven with you and thank you for your kindness you showed us and our kids.
The Obrist Family - Tillamook, OR

You have a beautiful place here. Very often when I stay someplace on a fire, I think, I wish I had more time to enjoy this. Your place was the epitome of that feeling. At least I got to walk around a little in the mornings and I really enjoyed that. I really do want to return under better circumstances and get the full affect. The raspberry cobbler was delicious!
Ted Shinkle

Terry & Joyce
Thanks for the comfortable retreat from fire camp. It almost feels like you are going home at the end of the day. I can tell you both take a lot of pride in providing an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Thank you very much for the cobbler and gracious hospitality. Sorry we had to leave so soon. I hope to be back and enjoy this fantastic place in the near future.
Wayne C.

Peace & quiet, dinners with friends in the outdoors. Joyful chats with the innkeeper and music from the birds, and hikes into the high country. There is no finer place to stay than in a labor of love, rather than commerce. Immerse yourself in what is here and you will go away filled with delight and amazed at the ways that nature has to return us to childlike pleasures.
Tom, Jack, Storry, Paul, Sandy, Chip & Lee

This place is so delightful! It was so therapeutic for me. I needed it. The birds singing and the beautiful surroundings. Just a treat! Thank you so much Joyce and Terry :)

Dear Joyce and Terry - Now it is our 4th visit and the first time in the Casaday. You have done such a beautiful job of maintaining and enhancing the Old West Charm of Pine Shadows. At the same time, it doesn¶t feel like a museum. All the decor feel like they are still part of everyday life. Thanks for your generous hospitality :)
Chip and Lee Ann Fitzpatrick

Joyce & Terry, Thank you so much for your hospitality!! We love it here, and wish the accommodations were like this at all Forest Service barracks! :) Thanks for the helpful maps and the knowledge of the area -- and especially the delicious cobbler.
Emily, Ashlee, Mari - Wenatchee, WA

Dear Joyce & Terry, We all feel so lucky to have found such a treasure of a retreat out here in Prairie City. Our family gathered at the Canyon City Cemetery for a Memorial Service for Analee Kirkwood. Our trip here was so much more than an event. We visited our parents and grandparents up there. And we discovered new connections with you here at Pine Shadows. Thank you for this beauty — what a true treasure it is. We will be back and will stay longer. We will be dreaming of Pine Shadows!
Mia, Cliff, Ryleigh Hocking (part of the McKern, Silvers, Ringen Clan)

Thank you, Thank you, for the amazing hospitality. This property is fabulous. And what a treat to chat about the history of our families. You have truly thought of everything here. We are going to do everything in our power to be back. And next time for much longer. We cannot thank you enough. Until next time :) Delicious cobbler!
John & Cindy O'Daniel (daughter of John Ringen) - Skagway, AK

There are no words to describe our wonderful stay here. Your attention to detail is amazing and appreciated. Your hospitality is unparalleled. It felt like I was home the second we pulled onto the property. There is no doubt we will be back to stay longer. Thank you for sharing this little bit of paradise with us at a time when it was much needed. Take care and we will see you again.
The Kulpars
Tammy, Kelly, and Sydney

Thanks for making us feel so welcome and for Terry's fishing advice and maps. Loved the photos you sent Joyce so we could get a preview of the cabin and fly fishing. We are still savoring the cobbler but it won't last past breakfast. Thanks for a great getaway!! Rain or sun, this place is great!!
John and Patty - Mosier, OR

ENCHANTING!! We are amazed at the beauty and hospitality. The attention to every detail and comfort is complete. Thank you so much for sharing your piece of paradise with us. From Joyce's delicious welcoming raspberry cobbler, to Terry's warm conversation, you two are as gracious and genuine as they come. We are conflicted by a desire to tell everyone we know about this singular, delightful experience, and guarding this hidden treasure of yours. We feel so fortunate to have found you and cannot wait to return. Thanks so much!
Derya & Eric

Thanks so much for letting us stay at your beautiful cabin. We had a relaxing nice time. Our hike to Strawberry Lake and Falls was beautiful. The Falls had ice cycles hanging down in the falling water. Hope to see you again in the future.
Laura & Keranza - Nampa, ID

Dear Joyce & Terry, Our 3 days at Pine Shadows in the Terrywell cabin has been so lovely, we wish we could stay longer. The cabin is so warm, welcoming and cozy - you have appointed it perfectly! We have relaxed and enjoyed-including a late night around the fire-watching the moon rise-perfect! The cobbler was delicious! We'll be back!
Suzie & Tom - Portland, OR

We had a wonderful time here. The cabin is cozy, the bed was so comfortable after a day of bicycling!! The cobbler is wonderful - we gobbled it up quickly!! The deer outside in the morning were a delight to watch. This area of Oregon is beautiful!
Pat & Pete - Seattle WA

Pine Shadows is so beautiful. We had a friend describe it to us, but it is beyond his description. The Blue Mtns are so majestic. Reminds us of Montana. Can't wait to be come back and see more.
Jim & Deb -Sequim, WA

We had a great time hiking and visiting friends in this area. We enjoyed Terry and Joyce's hospitality and a cozy cabin in a beautiful area of Oregon. We hope to come back soon to enjoy the mountains and a relaxing time. Thank you for your hospitality and the home baked peach cobbler.
Fred & Brien Portland, OR

This place is great! Thank you so much for all the extra touches that make this such an amazing place. :))
Ember - Portland, OR

What a lovely place! We really enjoyed our stay!
Emma - Portland, OR

This place is beautiful. The location perfect. We are all so impressed on how much detail has gone into this cabin (Terrywell) and the grounds.You left nothing undone. We are talking about making this an annual stay, maybe more. And we will definitely spread the good word. I wish we could hang out longer. Thanks again for your kindness.
Karl- Portland, OR

What a wonderful place! Towering pines and for, hiking, biking, watching the stars eating our raspberry cobbler. The grounds are so peaceful and emaculately maintained. We will certainly be back. Thank you very much for creating this getaway!
Greg and Donna - Portland, OR

If you are already here, then you know the magnitude of this retreat. Be sure to look closely-there are a lot of treasures to be found here. The detail is absolutely incredible. You property is beautiful. Thank you so much! PS: The cobbler is horrible! Don't even try it - just package it up and send to the address below :))
Pro Power Performance
1649 Amber St.
Boise, ID
*Owner note - It was such a treat for us to see this couple's Vintage Harley's :)

Although we were not able to do any hiking in the Strawberry Mt. Area due to fire closure, we still had a fabulous time and enjoyed the comfort and solitude of the Benson Cabin. The unmatched hospitality of our hosts made it all the better. We hope to return.
Brian, Regina, Sabrina Walker - Keizer, OR

Joyce 'n Terry, thanks for your beautiful friendliness and for letting us stay in your paradise - we enjoyed it all!!!
Paul Jellema, and the Cycling Bunch - Aka "Giro d Oro"

Thank you for a lovely stay - your property is beautiful with lots of hidden discoveries, both inside and out. Wish we could have stayed longer!
Molly McKenna & Ted Batt, Simon & Milo

You have created such a gem in Pine Shadows!! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and cannot thank you enough for your hospitality. Thank you so much for the raspberry cobbler for our 7th anniversary. Yummy delicious!! We enjoyed meeting and talking with you both. We anticipate being back same time next year :))
Thank you again,
Heather & Austin Stein - Joseph, Oregon

This place was soooo fun and pretty. Thanks, Audrey Johnson, Virginia
I loved it! Adelaide, Virginia
We have been staying in the Terrywell and the Little Benson. Great hospitality, elegantly comfortable accommodations. From age 2 to adult, all were satisfied with our time spent in this restful oasis. Wish we could of stayed longer! The Johnson's, Virginia
I really loved the creek and the nature trail. I also liked the Little Benson. I hope someone else has a good a time as I did!!
Alice Johnson, Virginia

You are the best hosts ever! Thanks again for a fabulous getaway . We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and want to do it next yr. We do want to specially thank you for the strawberry rhubarb cobbler . It was so good we ran to town and bought ice cream for a second round. Wonderful!! We look forward to next Independence Day at the Benson!
Teri and Brady - Idaho

Thank you Terry and Joyce. We enjoyed our stay here so much at Pine Shadows!
Tim and Lora - Maui

Five days of catching up with family comes to an end, but the memories will last forever. We look forward to coming back again. Thank you for the warm welcome and the fresh raspberry cobbler.
The Garrisons; Cody, Tristan, Ian - Huntington Beach, CA

You have a wonderful place! It was the perfect place for my family to spend quality time together. The cobbler was amazing.
The Garrisons, Clay & Kaylan - Dillion, MT

We love this place!!! Thank you especially for the birthday cobbler!!!
April & Jamie - Eugene, OR

Terry & Joyce... From the moment we entered the Benson Cabin, we knew we were in for a great week! We now have rented 9 houses for vacations, and your place is our favorite hands down! Your love of this little piece of heaven on earth is evident. I am embarrassed to say the raspberry cobbler lasted 1-1/2 days - it was delicious!! Thank you for everything. We'll be back and refer friends.
Take care,
Rich & Ginger Stark - Long Beach, CA

Thank you to our comfy bed, water and food bowls and tummy scratches! We loved our walks, and sitting by the river (great napping.)
Lily and Ava (doggie friends)

Terry & Joyce... Thanks for sharing your little bit of heaven with us. A true hidden gem. We loved the cabin, and all the peaceful grounds. See you in Bend or back for more yummy cobbler!!
Barb, Bill and Winston (a furry friend) - Bend, OR

Thank you Terry and Joyce for a lovely stay. Your attention to every detail is so beautiful. The Cabin and grounds are lovely and relaxing. I wish we had more time. The will certainly be on my list of recommended Getaways.
Mike & Tami Coon - She'd, OR

This is a beautiful place!! Thank you so much for our great stay here!! The "Fresh Rain" Spa was amazing. The cobbler was delicious!! Thank you!
Dan & Amanda Zinn (Honeymooners)

Dear Joyce & Terry... This is our third stay at Pine Shadows. Each time we discover new details of decorating and landscaping that make staying here so enchanting! It's obvious the amount of TLC you invest in the care of the cabins and the grounds. Somehow you combine that with a relaxed hospitality that always makes us feel welcome. See you next time!
Chip & Lee Anne Fitzpatrick - Lake Oswego

Beginning with the homemade raspberry coffee cake on the kitchen counter when we arrived, to the fire pit stacked and ready to lite each evening when we returned from our day trips, this place is heaven if you are looking for a 5 star experience in the middle of nowhere. We stayed in the Benson. It has a full kitchen with everything you need to prepare meals including spices.
The internet was easy to access and the bed was super comfortable. The grounds are fun to explore with the head waters of the John Day River running through it to the many curiosities such as a buck board wagon.
Prairie city and John Day are both within an easy 15 and 30 minute drive for groceries, espresso, and restaurants. We spent most of our time riding the remote roads in the area. We saw antelope and other wildlife. At one point, we had to wait for a heard of local cattle to move across the rode in order to pass. For the 5 days we were there we rode 4 different routes all about 20 to 30 miles in length on rural roads with little to no traffic. I can't say enough about the local sites and the accommodations. All of it well worth it.
Pete and Tami - Hansville, WA

Fantastic "getaway!" The perfect quiet. Great fishing. Terry so knowledgable about whole area.
Can't forget Joyce's raspberry cobbler - delicious!! Accommodations, awesome. Will definitely be back. 5 star.
Luke... Redmond, OR

Pine Shadows Getaway - Wow! Accommodations 5 star. Homemade raspberry cobbler-superb. Surroundings and ambiance-5 star. Hospitality-fantastic. Joyce and Terry the best. The lakes - beautiful. Prairie City good restrauants and espresso. When it came time to depart the Casaday Cabin, we did not want to leave. Will be back again and again.
Jessie and Reece... Sweet Home, OR

Immaculate cabins nestled in a tranquil setting give way to the ultimate relaxing experience!!
Tye... Rawlins, WY